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bistro umbrella also known as a 7 foot market umbrella

Impact 7' Parabolic Umbrella (White/Black)

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  • TAG : 7.5' Islanders Beach Umbrella with Fiberglass Ribs
  • I really can’t say anything bad about this umbrella but to be fair I also have an unhealthy obsession with lighting equipment and modifiers. Westcott’s 7 foot parabolic umbrella is unwieldy but can deliver lots of great image quality in the hands of the right user. Once again though, we recommend it to be in the hands of someone either committed to learning its ways, or someone with experience in lighting.

    It's a 7 foot umbrella, but it's NOT a 7 foot 'parabolic' umbrella!!! Parabolic umbrellas are deep, very deep, umbrellas. I'm not saying it's not a useful tool, and I dare say it's much cheaper than a parabolic umbrella... in the same way that a Honda Civic is cheaper than a Ferrari 612

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