Hard to find 8' beach umbrella with features below:

She looked up at my pretty pink, lacy beach umbrella, and then back at me.

Sport-Brella Portable All-Weather and Sun Umbrella. 8-Foot Canopy. Blue.

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  • The beach sports crystal blue water, and is surrounded by several resorts and hotels. A lot of tourists rent lounge chairs and beach umbrellas for the day.

    If your average beach umbrella is not quite up to your sun protection (or privacy) standards, you may want to consider the Beach Hut, a 7-foot diameter umbrella that comes with side panels to create a three-sided "cabana." Given its tentlike construction, our consumer testers found it much trickier to open and set up than a regular umbrella. And while its diameter is slightly larger than other umbrellas, the enclosing side panels make for a smaller area of shade than an unenclosed umbrella may cast. The side panels do provide much more privacy, particularly nice if your favorite beach lacks changing rooms. To note: If it's used in a breezy locale, you can expect noticeable swaying. The canopy is quite eye-catching with its bright rainbow panels, but our testers weren't fans of the circus look, giving it low scores for appearance. It folds down to 50 inches and weighs about 6 pounds.

  • This is your basic easy-to-assemble, easy-to-carry, reasonably priced beach umbrella. Its clever construction allows you to slip the bottom half of the pole into the top when packed up. This makes it smaller than many (40 inches long and 4 pounds) and easier to carry on the treks to and from the car. When open, it has a large 78-inch diameter canopy. Watch your fingers when setting it up — the many pinch points can be a painful negative if you're not careful. It received a top score in appearance, coming in fun designs like sailboats, stripes, and seahorses.

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    Beach towel sale: Regular $16.95 solids only $14.95 with beach umbrella purchase.  Discount shown on beach umbrella ordering page.

  • Beach towel sale: Regular $16.95 solids only $14.95 with beach umbrella purchase.  Discount shown on beach umbrella ordering page.

    Fits all beach umbrellas with pole diameter upto 1.5" using a thumbscrew tightening mechanismComfortable handles increase torque to allow users to turn the unit easily

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You will find the beach umbrellas for sale all over the place, most typical within the regions which have a warm climate. All the nations which are in the tropics have charming coasts, and it is peppered with islands which get shorelines. In these places, you will find hosts of beach umbrella are mounted on the sands so that you can splash from the elegant waves of a sea. If you’d want to invest enough time close to the beach, then this umbrella acts as being a shelter for them.