Shade USA - Large Beach Umbrella

Hi-Back Backpack Aluminum Beach Chair (item sc529) Add Item Quantity : US$39.95:

Sport-Brella Portable All-Weather and Sun Umbrella. 8-Foot Canopy. Blue.

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  • A DAY AT THE beach turned into a $200,000 payday yesterday for a Manhattan mom who was slammed in the head by a lifeguard's wind-propelled umbrella in 1999. Phyllis Caliano-Bahaj was watching her 8-year-old son and three friends at Robert Moses State Park when a gust of wind uprooted the big beach umbrella and turned it into a "flying torpedo.

    "The wind picked up a little bit, and my brother-in-law yelled 'there's an umbrella coming out of the sand,'" Quigley said. "I turned to the left and I saw this big beach umbrella just lift straight up, turned on end and the shaft shot through my left eye. It was like a sledge hammer when it hit."

  • Yes, I’ve become That Mom, the uncool one sacking out under the big beach umbrella while everyone else on the beach bears the heat for that lovely glowing tan. What can I say–I’m a delicate flower. And I definitely want my kids to have some respite from the sun at the first sign of pink shoulders.

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