Cane umbrella with a derby handle and a 24" black nylon canopy

Cane Umbrella, Black

LifeTek Kingston 54 Inch Cane Umbrella Automatic Open Extra Large Full Size Windproof Frame 210T Microfiber Fabric with Teflon Rain Repellant Protection Black

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  • Classically elegant & very stylish, the Classic Cane umbrella's have a traditional bamboo handle.
    Styles Available: Ladies & Gentlemans

    A wooden walking cane and umbrella collection. This set includes two ornate canes and one umbrella. The collection features a cane designed in wood with a black tip and a carved feathered eagle head designed as the handle. Also included is a wood carved cane with a snake motif and a magenta umbrella with a classic wood carved cane handle.

  • Have the umbrella while using a cane when you go out and walk looks pretty out of the way. They left clues or umbrella not only to worry about. If possible, simple and smart like to go is. This cane is this inconvenience fittingly solution! It is brewed walking stick cane in holds an umbrella. It starts to rain when it's sunny as a walking stick, walking stick in out of umbrella, both canes and umbrellas are available. Less raining rain, again during the cane umbrella can accommodate so leave your worries, not luggage.
    Easy to use! Turn the left stick hand are threaded so the uncheck. Finger, slide the umbrella ring in there wooden hand covered with fine rolled umbrella, attached to the hand of the umbrella. After the original fitted walking stick in hand, both of the umbrellas and walking sticks available becomes possible.

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