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  • Whatever your needs or your particular situation, The Park Catalog has the large commercial outdoor umbrella that will accentuate your surroundings, keep your guests cool and last many years. Call one of our helpful representatives for assistance. Because we are based in sunny Florida, we are the EXPERTS when it comes to commercial outdoor umbrellas.

    With commercial outdoor umbrellas it’s important to also deploy a secure, suitable base. The Park Catalog has a variety of umbrella bases ranging from concrete weighing 50 lbs., lightweight aluminum that can be filled with sand or gravel up to 35 lbs. and a steel base weighing 75 lbs.

  • The Park Catalog offers large umbrellas in an enormous variety of colors from Royal Blue to Kelly White that will accent any pool, deck, outside dining area or garden. Poles are available in sturdy aluminum, Ash Wood, Indonesian Hardwood, Teak or other selections. You can buy patio or market umbrellas with cranks or pulleys with options for tilt or non-tilt functionality. We even offer a commercial outdoor umbrella that can be opened or closed by remote control.

    If you use big commercial outdoor umbrellas at your facility, you want to make sure you provide a durable source of shade that can endure the elements and repeated use by the public. A residential patio umbrella will not suffice. The commercial outdoor umbrellas for sale from The Park Catalog are made with heavy-gauge fabrics that can beat the heat, resist fading, prevent staining and add a brightly-colored, aesthetically-pleasing look to your outside area.

    Commercial Outdoor Umbrellas by Frankford Umbrellas

  • We offer smaller umbrella units for upscale residential locations and simple commercial requirements, while our mid-range and Jumbo Umbrellas offer magnificent Image and Branding opportunities.

    As the size, weight, and wind resistance needs grow we use even more robust masts and frames to withstand 60-70 MPH gusts.

    Because of the quality and durability of our Large Commercial Umbrellas they are more appropriately considered as Capital Improvements rather than mere Maintenance Expenses on an annual basis. Indeed, they can be utilized in lieu of building permanent Structural Outdoor Canopies requiring permits, in depth architectural analysis, and associated fees.

    Municipalities, Resorts, Tourist Areas, Theme Parks, Hotel Developments, Restaurants, Country Clubs, and other Gathering Spots will all benefit from our distinctive and stylish Jumbo Umbrellas. Coastal high wind areas are especially attracted to our “Strong Wind” reinforced product line.

    We invite you to explore our site and imagine the creative options that will allow your patio to become a showcase.

    Our Umbrellas are one of a kind for many reasons. As the demand for size increases, we make sure to provide the best of the best in terms of quality coupled with durability. Our unique accessories can convert your dull outdoor space into something special by allowing lighting, heating and five foot high windowing making it an outdoor room altogether.

    The commercial outdoor umbrellas come as Extra Large Umbrellas and as large shade Umbrellas built with materials that can withstand decent gusts of wind and cater to large spaces. Giant patio umbrellas can not only be used for commercial or residential spaces but can also be put up for branding purposes. After all, how can someone miss seeing a Giant Umbrella? Restaurants, Resorts, Theme Parks, Country Clubs and large gatherings can benefit from our giant umbrellas.

    The giant patio umbrellas also come in stylish designs and shades. Based on your requirements, we can create magic beyond your imagination. We have also come up with our strong reinforced product lines which make the outdoor spaces of coastal high wind areas look great.

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Options to add your business logo or advertising to the canopy of our commercial-grade umbrellas to maximise their marketing potential are also available. We can look after all the commercial umbrella branding requirements. Having your brand on commercial pool umbrellas, commercial outdoor umbrellas or commercial patio umbrella models, creates great brand exposure whenever the umbrella is deployed. It effectively becomes a semi-permanent billboard.