[…] 28. Decorate an umbrella […]

[…] 28. Decorate an umbrella […]

LING'S SHOP Art Decorate Craft Embroidered Umbrella For Wedding Dance Props Party (Blue)

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  • work well if you want decorate an umbrella with ribbons and lace for showers, and as parasols for your bridesmaids. We offer 34" white umbrellas in standard style, with a self-fabric ruffle, or with a 4" ruffled lace edge. This size can be used as an adult sunshade, but is not as efficient at sheltering adults from the rain--it is a child's size umbrella--BUT it works well for adults when used indoors because of its smaller size--less chance of poking someone in the eye!

    Reach back to the original intent of bridal showers, which was for friends of the bride to give her advice and support before her big day. Get a large poster board and a cutout of an umbrella. Glue the umbrella to the poster board and place it on an easel. During the party, the bridal shower guests can write their well wishes for the bride on the umbrella. This decorative umbrella can then be left up as decor for all of the party guests to enjoy.

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    Have some fun with your bridesmaids by decorating coordinating umbrellas for all of the ladies in your wedding party. Choose a design theme such as animal print, stripes, spots or a floral design. Cut out matching panels of fabric and sew them onto the bridal umbrellas. Add an additional element of fun by hot gluing decorative beaded ribbon or feathers to the rim of the umbrella.

    Planning to decorate an umbrella?
    Our organza ribbon is ideal!

    Hint: You can hot glue organza ribbon--

    we did this bow from start to finish

    in less than 5 minutes!

    This 60" white umbrella was hand-painted by Ann Cummings, as a wedding gift.  It matched the flowers in the bride's bouquet, as well as the color of the bridesmaid's dresses.  Ann was inspired by her friend's past rainy wedding day--no one had a umbrella!


    She used Martha Stewart multi-surface acrylic paints. to create this wonderful gift, which the bridal couple very much appreciated


     Indian Wedding Table Decoration Umbrella




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    Many decorators are surprised to learn that it’s actually possible to decorate an umbrella with heat-applied graphics. Others are aware that it’s possible, but they think it’s too hard to bother doing it. Well, surprise to both parties, because decorating an umbrella using CAD-cut materials and a heat press is quite possible, and much easier than most think.

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Decorative umbrellas and parasols are available in a wide variety of styles. Oriental umbrellas in particular are useful for decorating because of their beauty, elegance and detail. Hang them upside down in the corners of a room to create a cozy feeling, and display the intricate painting on the top side. Hand them out to guests at outdoor parties when the sun is intense, place them at the ends of rows of chairs for events or place a decorative umbrella in a very large, tall vase or umbrella stand inside your home's entry foyer.