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Standard Unbreakable® Walking-Stick Umbrella w/crook handle U-115

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  • When fighting with a medium length stick, cane or defensive umbrella keep both hands on that thing. Take a look at my buddy two handed grip. This the correct way to use a stick with two hands. People make a lot of mistakes when they get a stick in their hands. The deadliest part of a stick weapon is the last 3 inches in either hand. When you see someone holding a stick in one hand with the long end back and a short striking surface pointed out, look out!

    Do you need some form of protection that you can carry through security points and avoid strange looks? The Unbreakable Self Defense Umbrella from the Villains Attic is perfect. It is so strong you can stand on it between two chairs and it will not snap. It weighs no more than a standard umbrella and looks identical. The difference is in the rugged strength. You can whack a villain with full swing power and the umbrella will deliver the blow and stay in perfect condition.

  • Don’t be fooled by imitations of the and there are several. The Indestructible Umbrella is not of comparable quality and neither is the Self-Defense Umbrella. Be sure that you purchase a real, Unbreakable Umbrella. I have linked to the , sold by Unbreakable Umbrella directly but fulfilled by Amazon throughout this article and it’s Prime eligible (nice!). Once you receive your umbrella be sure to check it’s authenticity against (provided by Unbreakable Umbrella) within 30 days of purchase.

    Real Self Defense is a website that offers different types of products that can help the everyday person defend themselves. One of their products is the Self Defense Umbrella that turns a rainy day item into a weapon that can disarm and beat down any potential pickpocket or crackhead you encounter. Their website shows a tough looking old grey haired man that could probably destroy anybody working in the Gadgets 4 Guys office with his pinky standing on top of this umbrella. The catch is the umbrella is supporting his entire weight just to show how durable and strong this self defense umbrella is. If that wasn’t enough proof, they also have an animated gif that shows this same hardcore old man taking the Self Defense Umbrella and smashing a friggin’ watermelon in half to basically show us what he could do to a humans head. They further elaborate on the advantage that the self defense umbrella has over a small, measly, knife wielding assailant due the reach you gain. The best part of the umbrella outside of being able to use it as a self defense weapon is it actually keeps you dry when raining. What we mean is that you actually get a functional umbrella with the capability of beating somebody’s face in (only if they provoke you though).

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    Self defense gadgets are something we enjoy to check out but understand that it actually does serve a decent amount of protection with it. So don’t be the next Law and Order SVU victim and get yourself one of these bad boy self defense umbrellas.

The Unbreakable Self-Defense Umbrella for Women - black

If you are looking for a bit of study material to supplement the basic use of a self defense umbrella consider these books. and . These are great introductions to cane and umbrella fighting techniques. For more advanced instruction I recommend .