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Oswald The Octopus Full Episodes in English - "The Polka Dot Umbrella/The Marshmallow"

RECHAR Lace dotted small portable pocket umbrella Anti-UV Mini Folding Umbrella (Dark Blue)

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  • In Skid Row, the notorious 54-block section in downtown LA, a middle-aged woman in multiple jackets, two pairs of pants, and wool socks stooped on top of her belongings under a polka-dotted umbrella, letting the raindrops stream down the sides of her umbrella like curtains. A few blocks away, an old woman in a beanie and bright purple velvet scarf hobbled out of her tent over to her wheelchair parked on the sidewalk. One young man had nothing—no tent, no tarp, no blanket—so he simply sat staring into the streets with his hoodie on, letting the cold rain sink into his bones.

    You'll find umbrellas and accessories at ! Check out the Polka Dot folding umbrella, an automatic umbrella with a very attractive spotted design. Includes a storage sleeve. Metallic structure, plastic handle and a 100 % polyester canopy. Approx. diameter: 90 cm. Length when folded: approx. 23 cm. Length when unfolded: approx. 52 cm.

  • Just stumbled across your blog and gold polka dot umbrella- adorable! Can you tell me if the adhesive vinyl has held up over time? Considering a similar project…

    Hatley Polka Dot Hearts Umbrella. Fantastic green and white polka dot heart design which really stands out against the dark pink background. Wooden handle and tip. Features Child safe design.

    Black Polka Dot Umbrella
    • Automatic opening 
    • Black metal shaft 
    • 8 Fiberglass ribs 
    • Polyester canopy 
    • Black hook handle
    • Length: 87cm
    • Width: 103cm   
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  • sea lion became fascinated with the family’s polka dot umbrella and when the Slovenians twirled it, the sea mammal began to spin, mimicking the moves of the parasol.

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