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YIER LED Lightsaber Light Up Black Clear Umbrella with 7 Color

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  • If you’ve ever seen Blade Runner than you might recognize this sweet looking light up umbrella from the movie… well now you can own your very own light up umbrella thanks to the power of .

    The light up umbrella is 32.5″ long and once opened 41″ in diameter. It requires 3 x LR44 button batteries to operate which are included with the product.

  • Light up a rainy day with this super awesome light up umbrella. With a light directly under the top of the umbrella this will be sure to blow anyone’s mind at night. You’ll never have to worry about getting hit by a car in a rain storm again with this umbrella’s brilliant design.

    Brighten up a rainy day with the 31.5” long, 41” diameter Light Up LED Umbrella. This unique item will not only keep you dry but it will also illuminate your walking path and twinkle on the top side. Features an easy push button to open and a total of 168 twinkling LED lights with 3 light settings. Choose from a sparkling display, a slow blinking or a constant on light mode. This functional umbrella also includes a flashlight in the handle, illuminating your path through any storm. Operates on 3-AAA batteries – NOT included. Please order in increments of 1 umbrella.

    Light Up Glowing Umbrella with Lighted Stem and LED Flashlight Handle! These Glowing Light Up Umbrellas have a bright glowing stem that illuminates with a radiant blue light! Each LED Umbrella also has a built in white LED Flashlight in the handle! (The handle flashlight has an independant power button so you can turn it on or off separate from the lighted stem.) Keep safe on your nightly walks with a bright glowing Umbrella!
    Open the base of the LED Light Up Umbrella by twisting the handle. Remove the battery container and insert 3 AAA batteries (not included). Place the battery container back into the handle and close it. Press the power button on the side of the handle to turn on the Light Up Stem or press the button on the bottom of the handle to turn on the built in flashlight!

  • Brighten up any rainy night with the Twilight LED Light Up Umbrella! This Glowing Twilight Umbrella is covered with white LED lights and has three light settings - solid light, fast flash and slow flashing. All three light settings show off a galaxy of white lights all over the canopy of the glowing umbrella!

    The Lighted Umbrella also comes with a flashlight handle with a separate power button to the canopy lights. Use the flashlight to see where you are walking at night and switch on the umbrella lights to make sure you are seen! The Twinkling LED Umbrella will keep you visible on your rainy night walks! Light Up LED Umbrellas also make great stage props, fun party lighting and they are excellent gifts!
    Press the button on the handle of the LED Umbrella to turn on and to circulate through the three light settings (fast flash, slow flash and steady light). A second button on the bottom of the handle controls the flashlight separately from the canopy lights. LED Umbrellas take 3 AAA batteries (included).

    The Twilight Umbrella is covered with an astounding amount of bright white LED lights that will brighten any rainy night. The Light Up Umbrella has three light settings to choose from, a solid, steady light mode a fast flash mode and a slow flash mode. And the LED Umbrella comes with a handy LED flashlight in the base of the handle to help you see where you're walking. Our light up Umbrella can be an excellent stage prop, makes a fun gift or will help keep you lit up on rainy walks at night.

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The Twilight LED Umbrella has a button on the side of the handle that turns the LED lights on or off and changes between the two light settings (twinkle and steady light). There is an additional button on the base or bottom of the handle that lights up the LED Umbrella's bright white flashlight! The Light Up Umbrella takes 3pcs of AAA batteries (not included) which go in the handle of the umbrella.