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* Photogenic umbrellas are constructed of custom color-neutral photographic material

Photogenic 45" Eclipse Umbrella with White Satin Interior & Black Cover.(EC45BC)

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  • I drove around and found a very icy walkway at Jeanne-Mance park. There, I waited in the rain to try to get photographs of people slipping and sliding. I saw a girl with a very photogenic umbrella trying to walk down a slight slope three metres from where I was standing. I couldn’t let her walk down it alone even though it would’ve made a nice photograph. So I helped her down and she said, “Thanks! I think I’ll try a real sidewalk now.”

    If you love to take picture, make sure you bring memory card with enough space. AnakJajan used up around 49GB total for both cameras 🙂

    You will use a lot of coins in Japan, so it will be more convenient if you put it in coin purse.

    You can bring umbrella if according to the weather forecast it will be raining when you are there. Or you can easily buy this photogenic transparent umbrella at any 100 yen shop.

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