Keep dry with the RST Large Umbrella, with Carbon Fibre construction.

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RST Travel Sized Micro Polka Dot Ruffle Trim Umbrellas (Blue)

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  • It is way to common to find yourself in the rain without an umbrella. Don’t be caught in the wet again, purchase a RST umbrella from Bags To Go today.

    RST umbrellas are strong and lightweight. They are made from high quality materials and will withstand the high winds that come with heavy rainfall. RST umbrellas are manufactured with strength and durability in mind. They are lightweight and compact so they can easily fit into any bag however still provide more than enough coverage in downpours. They are perfect for men and women on the go.

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    Ensure that you won’t be caught up in harsh weather conditions again with a robust RST umbrella. RST fold up umbrellas now available at Bags to Go with prices starting at $15.00.

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