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  • Clark directs Smithsonian-wide development activities and shares supervisory responsibility with the directors of the museum and research centers for fund-raising staff and programs. She oversees the $1.5 billion Smithsonian Campaign, the largest capital campaign to date for a cultural institution. Supporting every organization that falls under the Smithsonian umbrella, the campaign has attracted thousands of gifts and has so far resulted in 50 endowed positions, new education centers in six museums, the renovation of the historic Renwick Gallery and has helped fund the new National Museum of African American History and Culture.

    Acquiring Smithsonian photographs can be very easy or quite tricky, as Smithsonian has millions of photographs scattered amongst the many museums and research organizations under the Smithsonian umbrella. Each of these units serves as the clearinghouse for the rights and reproductions of their own collections. Using the Smithsonian Collections Search Center can help determine where a photograph resides. See also a description of .

  • My advice? Pace yourself. Of course, what people love about Washington is that many of the city’s museums (including all of which are under the Smithsonian umbrella) are free, so really, you shouldn’t feel bad about taking in a few highlights in one and then moving on. Tip: Start by ducking into the information center at the red sandstone to map out your plan of attack.

    The in Washington, D.C. sets the bar high. (The acronym NMAAHC is both clunky and unpronounceable, and doesn’t do the museum, which is the newest under the Smithsonian umbrella, any branding favors, so it’s referred to here as “the African American museum.”)

  • The Online Fundraising Manager is part of a team of four, and also acts as a liaison with vendors and/or contract employees. As part of the Smithsonian’s central Advancement office, the Digital Philanthropy team also offers guidance and best practices, as needed, for the online fundraising needs of the various museums and research centers that fall under the Smithsonian umbrella. The Online Fundraising Manager offers strategic and technical guidance on an as-needed basis and periodically conducts training in online fundraising best practices.

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The late 1970s and 1980s also saw a growth in the number of Smithsonian Libraries branches, brought about by a range of donations to the Institution. In 1976, ten thousand rare scientific books and manuscripts were gifted to the Smithsonian by the , prompting the creation of the Dibner Library of the History of Science and Technology under the Smithsonian umbrella. Several years later, large donations of artifact collections led to the formation of new museums for subjects such as , culture and and a new library branch was subsequently formed for each of these as well.