DIY Spiderweb Umbrella (Delia Creates)

Spider Web Umbrella Parasol Gothic Neo Victorian by TenebraeSancta, $24.00

InterestPrint Spider Web Bats Halloween Gifts Foldable Travel Rain Umbrella

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  • I think the Spider Web Umbrella is awesome.(I would use it all the time not just on Halloween). I plan to use Spider & Web (similar version)for a cake decoration pattern & Spider Babies (mini version)Cupcakes. Next year I didn't find it early enough. Frankenstein & the cute bug are also cute.

    spookyloop: “ Gothic Neo Victorian Style Spider Web Umbrella by CyberFreakedd ” Totally going to buy myself a black umbrella and some permanent silver pen, and jazz it up like this!

  • The CraftCult ad space has to be 100px X 150px. So I’ve been working up an image to help promote my Halloween items, since they have a short shelf-life each year. I’m using the Spider Web Umbrella photo as the background.

    So I’m thinking about buying some advertising with . Craft Cult has been a great service for Etsy shop owners. One of my Spider Web Umbrellas was chosen for a treasury created by Etsy and I wouldn’t have known it had happened if it hadn’t have been for Craft Cult, alerting me when I checked on my shop. It was also via Craft Cult when I found out my item had been chosen for a Halloween Costume Gift Guide as well.

  • Also, watch for a series of spider web umbrellas to be released as well! These umbrellas are a limited run. (I only have so many umbrellas to make these with and only so many webs can be made per week anyway!) So once they are up, grab what you want, because they will be limited this year. Price range for spider web umbrellas depend largely on complexity of the web design and time involved, after consideration of supply cost for the umbrellas themselves. Average time to create a single fairly straight forward spider web umbrella is about 3 hours. Careful handwork in securing the spider web to the umbrella and weaving in several feet of ends is a significant part of the time in my process as well, again depending on complexity of the design. I like to leave several feet for the tails to add to the durability and long-term strength of my crochet webs.

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