Spiral umbrella stand #elledecor

Spiral Umbrella Stand

Mysterious Many Color Spirals Umbrella

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  • Make a bold style statement to everyone who walks in your door, with our Spiral Umbrella Stand. In tough, sleek steel and raised up on three legs with a drip tray, it's quite unlike any other umbrella stand we've seen. Perfect for a stylish office or modern home.

    The suitable size of an umbrella for one person, the that for two people. On rainy days, it's often seen that when two or more people are sharing an umbrella, the insufficient coverage often leave parts of the body soaked. The spiral umbrella is a breakthrough in the structure of a traditional umbrella, allowing those using it to configure its size by twisting on the handle. The size of the umbrella expands in a spiral pattern, keeping its users from getting rained on. When one is using it alone, the umbrella can also be retracted to allow the ease of walking.

  • 20-050-035 Spiral Umbrella Head Nail Hot Dip Galvanized 2-1/2" (50Lbs.). Umbrella head nails or roofing nails with twisted shank are made from hot dip galvanized steel wire to resist rust and weathering. Roofing nails are used to attach steel roofing sheets, shingles, tiles, and other roofing materials to wood. They have larger heads than other nail types to keep materials from popping over them and has extremely sharp points for easier penetration.
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