Title: The Blue Umbrella (2005)

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  • To be clear, what makes unsubstantive is not its lack of complexity. It’s hard to see much complexity in any of Pixar’s shorts, subjective reactions aside. Most of them are built around one joke: two men who attempt to one-up each other with Rube Goldbergian musical accompaniment all to get a single coin from a precocious child; a sheep shorn of its wool learns to rebound from his depression by dancing goofily with a jackalope; a rabbit, desperate to be fed, enacts all form of vengeance on his magician master. And so on. has a similarly simple concept: an umbrella (you have three guesses as to what color the umbrella is, and the first two don’t count) falls in love with another umbrella one night in the big, rainy city. As mentioned here a few months ago, part of why seems so unmemorable is a case of bad timing: it premiered nationwide only months after Disney’s exquisite, Oscar-winning short was unveiled next to . Sure, focuses on two humans who fall for each other, but the connections still mount up to a troubling degree: the young woman is defined by her bright red lipstick (a rare shock of color in an otherwise black-and-white short), and the blue umbrella falls for a red one; the male character in both shorts is aided by presumably inanimate objects that essentially deliver him to his potential paramour; and both shorts are notably silent, allowing sugary-sweet music to guide the emotional arc. Most importantly, both shorts are typified by their technique. was a unique hybrid of both color and black-and-white, as well as hand-drawn and computer animation, something rarely seen before in such a mainstream effort.

    Yeah, exactly. There’s a short lull between the features. So for The Blue Umbrella, Brave was slowly ramping off and Monsters University didn’t fully start production yet, and we kind of tried to get into this small lull to just grab as many people who were free at the moment and hold onto them as long as we could before Monsters University just needed everyone to make it gorgeous as well.

  • Amidst the rain in a singing city, two umbrellas-one blue, one not-fall eternally in love. On Yify TV you can Watch The Blue Umbrella free instantly without waiting.

    I started in 2008 at Pixar, and I started in the camera and staging department, which basically does the virtual cinematography of the films. There’s an open door policy at Pixar about pitching ideas for short films, so anyone can pitch as long as you have three ideas, and I just thought I should try it. I didn’t think it would work out, but I thought I would not forgive myself if I don’t try it. So I came up with a couple of ideas, and one of them was The Blue Umbrella, which I literally found one day on the street. It was raining, and in the gutter on the street in front of me I saw an umbrella that someone had tossed away, or lost, and no one cared about it and it was half-broken and drenched, and looked utterly sad. I was like, “What happened to him?”

    Full Video: The Blue Umbrella (2007) Hindi Movie Watch Online – DVD Quality

  • Full Video: The Blue Umbrella (2007) Hindi Movie Watch Online – DVD Quality

    While on our recent set visit to , we were treated to a special screening of director Saschka Unseld’s animated short film, . This short will run in front of Pixar’s on June 21st. Like previous Pixar shorts, The Blue Umbrella is absent of dialogue and long on the use of visual and musical cues to elicit an emotional response. This particular meet cute centers on two boldy-colored umbrellas in the middle of a rainstorm in the city. If you’re interested in the behind-the-scenes work on The Blue Umbrella, be sure to . Hit the jump for my review and to find out why The Blue Umbrella is unlike any Pixar short you’ve seen before.

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"When I wrote the story, I didn't have a specific look in mind. I just wrote the story and what works emotionally," Unseld said, before explaining how he landed on the unique photo-real aesthetic that separates "The Blue Umbrella" from most normal animated shorts. "Part of my pitch at Pixar was not just the animation pitch of the umbrellas, but another clip I had done [of] faces in a city that I recorded on my iPhone and animated to a song from , who I really like." According to Unseld, everyone was very excited about the direction he wanted to take the animation, even if it threw some people off at first.