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NEW! UGLYDOLLTM Rainy Day Kids Umbrella by Ugly Dolls

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  • TAG : It's an ugly day out there, in more ways than one
  • The Ice Bat Uglydoll Umbrella is a super adorable, super geeky way to keep yourself dry in a terrible rainstorm. If you’re the kind of person who walks outside in , then you need the Ice Bat Uglydoll Umbrella.

    The Ice Bat Uglydoll Umbrella is only $15, a great price for a geeky umbrella. Keep yourself warm in the rain, look cool, fly high, be geeky. If you like this Uglydoll Umbrella, then you’ll love other geeky fashion items such as the and the . Love it, love it love it.

In the UGLYDOLL universe "ugly" means unique and ..