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No.5 from The Umbrella Academy.

The Umbrella Academy, Vol. 1

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  • There are also pages of information; inside the front cover is a featured list of the members of The Umbrella Academy, from the "personal notes of Sir Reginal Hargreeves". On the last page of the story (back to back with the letters page) is an excerpt from the , offering more details and background information on their exploits in Paris

    Issue 2 starts the day after Issue 1. Spaceboy is told The Rumor is at the mansion and they greet each other at The Horror's statue. It is revealed he is dead but the cause is unknown, at which point Seance arrives. At a carnival in the city robots cause destruction because of the apparent reformation of The Umbrella Academy. The Future then describes what happened when he left and how he returned. The Kraken turns up and has a small confrontation with Spaceboy. The funeral attracts media attention. The Monocle's wife arrives at the funeral, and says a few words about the Monocle before her cloak is ripped off by The Kraken. She is revealed to be a talking mannequin of sorts, possibly a creation of Hargreeves' to serve as a mother figure to the children. The Kraken then argues with Spaceboy. Meanwhile, in response to the phone call she received last issue, Vanya (00.07) arrives at the Icarus Theatre where she is told to play her violin by a figure obscured by a blinding light. When the light goes off she is in front of many spectators and a skeleton in a suit who calls himself 'The Conductor' of 'The Orchestra Verdammten'. He claims that his new composition, 'The Apocalypse Suite', could destroy the world if played accurately. After hearing the plan, Vanya leaves but The Conductor anticipates her return. At the mansion Spaceboy and The Kraken have a violent conflict. Spaceboy has his laser up to The Kraken but they are broken up by the Rumor and 00.05 when he reveals that the world ended a mere three days after Hargreeve's death. After a moment, the group of heroes realize that the carnival is on fire - Spaceboy reveals that the culprits are the Terminauts, created by the malicious Dr. Terminal (a villain from their past) that were to activate if the Umbrella Academy were ever to reform. The Kraken jumps into the water, and Spaceboy orders everyone to the Televator. The Umbrella Academy has been reformed. The issue ends with a quote from the Monocle at his acceptance speech at the National Thallium Awards.

  • After a brief background is given on The Umbrella Academy, the plot jumps ten years ahead and tells of an event when The Umbrella Academy (aged ten) saved Paris, resulting in The Eiffel Tower flying into space. The story then jumps ahead another 20 years and sets the scene for future issues. Spaceboy is on the moon when he receives a call that The Monocle is dead. Vanya (00.07) receives a mysterious phone call telling her to audition for the chair of a violin player. When Spaceboy arrives at the mansion he encounters 00.05, who has has returned from the future. He states that "there is worse to come".

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  • Written by Gerard Way and featuring artwork by Gabriel Ba (Rock 'N' Roll) and colors by the spectacular Dave Stewart (Hellboy, BPRD), The Umbrella Academy burst onto the comic book scene in 2007 and wowed fans with its dynamic look and unique characters. Check out why this action-packed comics series won an Eisner Award in its debut year! In addition to The Umbrella Academy comics and graphic novels, we also carry t-shirts, mugs, and other merchandise.

    The fourth issue begins with a flashback to eighteen years ago. Vanya runs through the Academy, shouting about how she hates everyone around her. She is consoled by Dr. Pogo and, when she states that there's nothing special about her, Pogo tells her that she is indeed special because, unlike her siblings, she doesn't need to destroy in order to be herself. We then jump to the present, where Vanya is being forcefully experimented on by The Conductor of the Orchestra Verdammten. The Conductor reveals that he killed several people to get copies of Hargreeves' secret notes, one of which indicates that Vanya is the most dangerous member of the Umbrella Academy. The Conductor states that while the orchestra is powerful, they need one pure soul to lead them all. Vanya says she will kill him, but before she can move, The Conductor flips a switch and begins Vanya's transformation. We transition to Number 00.05 and Dr. Pogo, who are flying around the city looking for signs of the apocalypse. As they survey the depravity around them, they discuss whether or not the earth is truly worth saving. Back at the Icarus Theatre, Vanya wakes up, now transformed into a pure white creature. At the Academy, The Kraken appears in the parlor (to the surprise of his siblings) and initiates a family fight over who their father loved the most before leaving the group. With The Kraken gone, the rest of the Academy decide to go out and patrol to make sure the city is still safe. Elsewhere, 00.05 and Pogo enjoy coffee at a diner until three men in red and black gas masks enter looking for 00.05. Again back at Icarus, the Conductor reveals Vanya, now dubbed 'La Viole Blanche' (The White Violin). Her entire body is now pure white and the design of a violin runs down her torso. She picks up her violin and plays a single note, ripping the Conductor in half and killing him instantly. She now stands in front of the group, triumphant, and declares that tonight they will kill the Umbrella Academy and tomorrow they will end the world.

The umbrella academy (none of us do...)

Umbrella Academy volume three was slated to be released this year. It being November, I'm dubious. According to Wikipedia, Way announced that he was in the process of writing issue #1 of the third volume in maybe we'll have some new Academy next year. If so, next year's going to be huuuuuuuge. New Superman flick, Stephen King's follow-up to and Scott Lynch's next installment of . Going to be a great year for fiction!