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  • The most recent estimate of the world population of Umbrella Cockatoos is a range of fifty thousand to two-hundred thousand birds. Although this seems like their population is quite stable, their population is still vulnerable to factors which affect all parrot species: they are victims of the illegal pet trade, they are shot for food, and they are affected by deforestation. Although not classified as an endangered species, the Umbrella Cockatoo is classified as vulnerable. Its numbers in the wild have declined and it is listed in appendix II of the CITES list of protected species. This gives it protection by making the export, import and trade of wild-caught birds illegal.

    Umbrella Cockatoos are common in captivity as a popular pet. They tend to be very cuddly, affectionate birds that require a lot of attention, more so than other parrots. Like all parrots, they can be very loud, screaming loudly at sunrise, sundown, and for attention. They have a powerful need to chew and can be quite destructive with their beaks if not given enough appropriate things to shred. Because of these more negative attributes umbrella cockatoos very often quickly become unwanted pets in animal shelters and bird rescue facilities.

  • Umbrella Cockatoos can live over 40 years in captivity and 30 years in the wild. There have been claims of cockatoos living up to 100 years, though these claims have not been documented.

    The Umbrella cockatoo (Cacatua alba) is one of the large species of cockatoo. It’s feathers are white, with a white crest and a bright yellow patch at the inner side of the wings. It has a black bill and grey feet. Around the eye is a small blue circle of skin. Males have black eyes, young umbrella cockatoos and females have brown eyes.

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  • The Umbrella cockatoo originally is found in Indonesia. The live mostly in forest areas and do not venture out to the open field often. They live in small groups of around 2 to 10 individuals.

Umbrella Cockatoo Dancing with Blow Dryer after Bath

Many Umbrella cockatoos end up in shelters and bird sanctuaries. They are bought as cute quiet baby birds that need to be fed by hand with formula. They will grow fast and become very cuddly, affectionate and tame. But when they reach adulthood at around 3 years of age, this cute bird becomes more assertive and much louder. It will start to scream very loudly, destroy furniture as his view of fun and may become aggressive to one specific member of the human family. For many people the situation will become impossible and the bird has to go. Because many people falsely believe and adult cockatoo will not become affectionate to new owners and because it causes trouble with its current owners, it can often not be re-homed and will end up in a sanctuary. It is not true that an older cockatoo cannot get tame or get used to new owners. I got Coco when he was 4 years old and had no problems whatsoever. He is also very friendly to some other people and OK with most visitors.