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  • Redfield is a mysterious character appearing in . A mercenary working with the newly reformed Umbrella Cooperation, his group was assigned by a rival pharmaceutical company in a 3-year investigation on killing the B.O.W Eveline, but with no avail due to no leads. As he found out when Ethan investigated the Plantation, his team helped up on destroying the bioweapon by giving him a special gun. After then, he rescued Ethan and Mia. His namesake is shared by , member of the BSAA but no connections were made with the two. The free sub-chapter focuses on this mystery character. According to a post-credits announcement, this network update is coming Spring 2017. His scenario will also feature the trickster Lucas Baker, one of the game's main enemies who likes to set up puzzles and traps.

    On September 24, the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) reported the t-virus leak to the U.S. President, who issued an executive order declaring martial law and blockading Raccoon City with Congressional approval under the pretense of a radioactive waste leak. During the incident, Umbrella cooperated with the government to allow its developmental B.O.W. models into the city and plotted to use the incident as a demonstration of the t-virus' power to its customers and a live field test to gather data on its B.O.W. products and irregular mutants created by secondary infection.

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