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Umbrella Jellyfish Costume Homemade Image

Jellyfish Watercolor Lightweight Rain/Sun Umbrella Folding Anti-uv, Wind-proof Travel Umbrella

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  • Like Moon Jellyfish, Umbrella Jellyfish (Eirene menoni) are easy to keep when given the proper environment. This Jellyfish species originates in cold to temperate Pacific waters and are bred commercially making them an ideal and environmentally friendly animal to keep. These active Jellyfish looks great under LED lighting of various colors.

    Finally, with a bit of tweaking, the flew the open skies. The rotors changed the air pressure above and below the umbrella. It pulled the umbrella open and shut, just slightly, which created a rippling jellyfish effect. Synchronized to music, the flying umbrella jellyfish achieves the artist’s goal of using technology to visually transform a mechanical object into a living—and flying—creature from the sea.

Umbrella Jellyfish Texas Aquarium @ Corpus Christi