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  • The Umbrella Leather is one of the easiest corals to keep. Not requiring much light, the Umbrella Leather is more tolerant to inconsistent water parameters and lower light than many other corals. The polyps that extend from this coral are attractive to watch as they move in the current of the tank.

    When first introduced to the tank, the Umbrella Leather may grow a thin skin and not open it’s polyps for several days. This is fairly normal and should shed off in a few days. Often this skin can have a sheen to it that gives it almost a plastic wrapped appearance. This coral will do this from time to time and is not a cause for concern. If you see this coral do this more frequently, you might need to place it in front of stronger current.

  • The Umbrella Leather Green Polyp, , is one of the easiest corals to keep in a home aquarium making it a perfect coral for beginner aquarists. Its inherent beauty makes it an attractive coral to own for experienced aquarists as well. It is a soft leather coral with a mushroom-like polyp that is a muted green color. At night, its tentacles will extend giving off a fascinating show to watch as they move with the current of the tank searching for food. The Umbrella Leather Green Polyp has alternate names of the Toadstool Mushroom Leather Coral, Trough Coral, or Sarcophyton Coral.

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