Umbrella Strollers That Hook Together

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BALFER Baby Umbrella Stroller Organizer Bag with 2 Stroller Hooks

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  • Initially I started off with a double snap and go stroller. After my twins outgrew the infant carseats, we've been using an all terrain stroller for a year. Until recently, I feel a need to get an twin umbrella stroller to go to amusement parks and perhaps run an errand. However, we may eventually travel abroad and certain places we'll be going to would probably be too cramped to use a double stroller. So I've been considering to get 2 single umbrella strollers and hook it up with a connector when needed.

    But how many strollers is considered as too many? I'd like to get an idea from other fellow twin mommies. Thanks ladies for your input!

    We are going to Mexico in January and we are taking 2 umbrella strollers and hooking them together. I've heard from many that that's the best way to travel with them.
    We also have the front/back double stroller that the car seats hook into, aka the bus. And I have a metal frame that the car seats hook onto but it's getting harded to maneuver the bigger they get.
    Feel free to message me after January 20th and I'll let you know how the umbrella stroller thing worked out!

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