Green PVC coated rose umbrella support

As seen on HGTV, the outdoor patio umbrella support bracket is patented and made in the USA

Ohuhu 18"x18" Square Patio Beach Umbrella Base Weight Bag, Hold Up to 100lbs

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  • The invention further provides a support device associated with an object for holding an umbrella with an umbrella pole supporting at least one serving tray to provide shade from the sun for a user occupying a portion of the object and using the serving tray. The support device comprises a bent plate support in contact with the object. At least one retainer strap with a hook at each end holds the bent plate in contact with the object. An umbrella pole support is connected to the bent plate support to receive and help hold the umbrella pole. At least one support collar is welded to the bent plate to receive and support the umbrella pole support.

    It is a further advantage of this invention that the upper flange provides positional stability for the umbrella support apparatus on the top surface of the deck, while the anchoring fin limits movement of the apparatus across the surface of the deck, as limited by deck support beams below the deck planking.

  • It is yet another object of this invention to provide a patio umbrella support apparatus, which is durable in construction, inexpensive of manufacture, carefree of maintenance, facile in assemblage, and simple and effective in use.

    It is yet another advantage of this invention that a positioning of the notch over a deck support beam positionally fixes the umbrella support apparatus on the deck.

    The AT - Pipe Umbrella support system is used in heterogeneous, soft, or subsidence-sensitive ground. Fields of application are tunneling through fault zones, unstable ground conditions at the working area, or shallow tunnels in urban areas.

    • Support of the tunnel wall in the region of the face
    • Distribution of loads in the longitudinal direction
    • Ground improvement ahead of the tunnel face by grouting
    • Reduction of subsidence due to ground improvement and load distribution
    • Drainage and ground support also by non-injected casing tubes
    • DSI offers comprehensive equipment such as rock drilling equipment, rock bolt equipment as well as testing equipment for quality assurance
    • As an additional service, DSI offers professional support during installation worldwide.

  • Owner Queensland State Government, Australia +++ General Contractor Joint Venture consisting of Thiess, Southbank,  Australia; Sinclair Knight Merz (SKM), Brisbane, Australia and Queensland Transport, Brisbane, Australia

    DSI Units DSI Pty. Ltd., Bennetts Green, Australia; DSI Austria, Pasching/Linz, Austria
    DSI Scope Supply of approximately 7,000m of the AT–139 Pipe Umbrella Support System; 735 resin anchored AX Rock Bolts, 350 Fiberglass Face Bolts, 450 Friction Bolts and 12 DCP 40mm Ø GEWI® Anchors 


    These and other objects, features and advantages are accomplished according to the instant invention by providing a patio umbrella support apparatus that is operable to be engaged by the mast of a patio umbrella to permit the positioning of the patio umbrella at desired, selected positions on a patio deck built with deck planks spaced apart by a conventional gap. The umbrella support apparatus is formed with an upright support member affixed to a pair of opposing horizontal support flanges that ride on top of the deck surface. A generally vertical anchoring fin is affixed to the support flanges and upright support member to fit within the conventional gap between deck planks. The anchoring fin and the horizontal flanges provide positional stability for the patio umbrella and permit flexibility in the location of the umbrella on the deck. A notch formed in the anchoring fin can receive a deck support cross beam and further limit movement of the umbrella support apparatus relative to the deck.

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