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  • If I were you, I would make one out of rebar. Those ones you linked to will not support a rose, not a large one anyway. I had a very large umbrella trellis from J&P and I had Teasing Georgia on it. Now in my zone, TG can put out 15 foot canes and gets loaded with buds. It looked great on the umbrella trellis. However, the metal was hollow and unbeknownst to me, it has started rusting at some of the joints. We had a very bad storm with very high winds and I looked outside and the trellis was laying horizontally on the ground. The wind snapped it off at the base where it had rusted. I had to cut TG down to the stump to get it off.

    karin, I had the large umbrella trellis with a Teasing Georgia on it. If I were you I would go to Home Depot and get some of the rebar stakes and put those in the ground next to it to help with support. A post up the middle might be a good idea too, if you are going to grow the rose outside of the 'tube'. Also I would spray the entire thing, including the screws with rust proofing spray paint before assembling it.

  • I found a nice discussion of the J & P umbrella trellis for climbing roses but it is over a year old. I just ordered the largest of these for my New Dawn which I have struggled to train on a small picket fence (it just does not like horizontal). The price was right, but the discussion indicates it is a very flimsy structure. I am wondering if I can get someone to help me put a post in the ground and attach it to that. Has anyone done that? One of the posters said after her J&P umbrella trellis fell over in the wind, she tied it to a fence. Hmmm. Can I just start with it next to a post, or put the post up the middle of it? I welcome suggestions. BTW I checked out the garden artisans and whoa a totally different price range, well beyond my reach.

    I did a google search and Jackson and Perkins has an umbrella trellis. There may be more, but that was as far as I went. Of course no instructions there.

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    M1081 Umbrella Garden Trellis with Solar Light Dimensions: Ø 100 x H. 220 cm Colour: Antique Rust. 57.90 Available

  • I once saw a picture of an umbrella shaped trellis made of rebar, perfect for growing vines. Does anyone know how this was made or direct me to a website? Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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Wisteria plants offer fragrance and large, beautiful blooms. Wisteria is a good substitute for jasmine or honeysuckle, as those fragrant vines grow too vigorously for an umbrella trellis. Note that wisteria is a deciduous plant, so in the winter it will look like dried, brown branches on your umbrella trellis. Do not remove the branches, as they will bloom again next spring. Instead, decorate them with white, twinkling lights for a beautiful winter look.