The Benefits of Using an Venezuela Umbrella Company: Immigration

Venezuela Contractor – a guide to becoming a contractor in Venezuela

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  • It’s also much easier to get your Venezuela work permit through an umbrella company. The problem for contractors is that you need an employer to “sponsor” you for the duration of your stay. Typically the end client can only sponsor permanent employees who are on their payroll. If you’re considering working on several different contracts in Venezuela, finding sponsorship is especially difficult. Each employer you’re working for might only want to sponsor you for the duration of your contract with their company, which makes it difficult to cover your entire stay. By acting as your permanent employer, an Venezuela umbrella company subverts this problem and sponsors you for as long as you like.

    We can help you find a suitable Venezuela umbrella company if you think they could help you out. Oil and gas workers, IT project managers, business analysts and telecommunications contractors looking to work abroad massively benefit from using one, even if it’s just from the sizable reduction in admin. We work closely with many different Venezuela umbrella companies, and have a thorough knowledge of the services they provide. If you want to keep more of your earnings, get your Venezuela work visa with minimal hassle and avoid extensive tax declaration forms, we give you all of the information you need to find the perfect company. This service is completely free, so there’s no risk in learning about your options.

  • Handling your taxes in any country is bewildering and mind-numbing, and learning about Venezuelan tax law is no easier. It doesn’t take a big mistake to end up paying a higher rate, and even natives can get things wrong on their returns. Venezuelan umbrella companies have a comprehensive knowledge of the tax system, and can ensure you make all of your required payments. Not only do they deal with the tedious paperwork, they also know enough about the system to help you keep more of your money. Some can also help you with tax obligations in your home country. Contracting in Venezuela through an umbrella company requires very little paperwork; you submit your invoice and get a tax receipt in return.

    There are several different methods you can use to set yourself up as a contractor in Venezuela, but most of them require hours of administration. Working in Venezuela is extremely rewarding, but paperwork just takes your time away from your actual work. That’s why Venezuela umbrella companies are a popular solution. They not only have a comprehensive knowledge of the local tax laws (and the ones that still apply in your home country), they can also sponsor you for your Venezuela work permit for your entire stay. The umbrella company serves as your employer by collecting payments from your contracts, handling your tax and then sending you a net wage. You still have the freedom to take contracts as you please, but the company alleviates the administrative burdens.

  • An Venezuela umbrella company protects you from the administrative implications of being an independent contractor. Instead of being responsible for your own taxes, you become an “employee” of the umbrella company, who pays them for you as you earn. Although you’re technically an employee of the company, in reality you still act as a contractor. With umbrella employment you get the benefits of knowing all your tax and administration is handled professionally, but you aren’t tied down to one client. You just work, invoice the umbrella company for your hours and then they’ll collect the payment, siphon off taxes and pass the rest on to you.

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If you want to start contracting in Venezuela, the various regulations surrounding immigration and income tax are a persistent administrative migraine. Tax regulations are meticulous and complex, and obtaining a work permit without a fixed employer is extremely complicated. To alleviate the stress associated with getting an Venezuela work permit and reduce tax-related paperwork, many contractors choose to use an Venezuela umbrella company. Learning about the benefits of using an umbrella company for contracting in Venezuela can help you decide if they’re right for your needs.