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  • Make sure to purchase a waterproof outdoor umbrella if you live in an area that receives a lot of rain, as typical outdoor sun umbrellas made of plastic or lightweight fabrics may not hold up well in this type of weather. You may also need to look for durable sun umbrellas made to withstand high winds if you live in a windy climate; these umbrellas often have fiberglass ribs to protect the frame from bending. Finally, make sure to look for a patio umbrella that won't fade in the sun. Many umbrellas are made from durable canvas or vinyl that resists fading. You can take advantage of a particularly sunny climate, however, and buy a solar patio umbrella that absorbs the sun's rays during the day and then lights your patio at night.

    A fabric looks so nice on a sunny day and adds a touch of color to outdoor decor. It looks great, but taking it down and covering it every time it rains is a pain in the neck. However, leaving it out in the rain is not a solution either, as closing a soaking wet patio umbrella causes a moldy smell. The best thing to do for a , , and even is to waterproof them. Waterproofing keeps umbrellas and dry, so no one sits in a wet seat and the umbrellas never develop that icky smell.

  • All of our waterproof umbrellas are ideal for use on a rainy day. They are made with oil-treated cotton and lacquered with a special substance affording them protection from water. Still, many people prefer to use them for decoration or for protection against the sun. As decorative props, these waterproof umbrellas make fantastic accent pieces. Each one is timelessly handcrafted and hand-painted by the skilled artisans of the Orient. True masterpieces, these unique umbrellas are a throwback to the time when dedication, time and effort was given to craft the perfect art piece. We are proud to offer them here. Choose from a vast selection of colors and themes, with most umbrellas available in two sizes.

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